Case Study

Prioritizing Combinatorial Therapy Sensitivity for Drug Development in Primary Liver Cancer


In Primary Liver Cancer (HCC), most targeted therapies show poor efficacy in clinical trials, including proteasome inhibitors.


Optim.AI™ was applied on patient-derived HCC avatar models to investigate combinatorial strategies that could improve tumor sensitivity to these drugs.


Optim.AI™ analysis revealed that pairing CDK inhibitor Dinaciclib with 2nd generation proteasome inhibitor Ixazomib could enhance the therapeutic potential of each drug / showed greater anti-tumor efficacy.


When applied in the right combination, a previously ineffective or underutilized drug can still be used effectively for treatment.

Rashid et al., Sci Trans Med (2020)

(A)PDX tumors and their corresponding PDX-derived organoids (PDXO).
(B)Optim.AI™ analysis shows the combination of Ixazomib and Dinaciclib (Ixa+Dina) as the drug pair with lowest mean viability across different PDXOs.
(C)Pairing Ixa and Dina enhances tumor sensitivity to treatment, compared to monotherapy.

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